The cloud networking market is broken

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The cloud networking market is broken

The cloud networking market is broken

December 3, 2022

The cloud networking market is broken.

From businesses to individual users, everybody seems to be using the cloud. And, with organizations migrating more and more towards a remote or hybrid work model, cloud computing is simply going to get bigger and bigger. 

The market's overall value exceeded $368 billion in 2021, and this is expected to grow at a staggering annual rate of 15.7% between now and 2030.  

This fast expansion together with a considerable rise in demand is bringing quite a few challenges as the sector struggles to keep up with new trends, tools, and cyber threats.   

This was exactly the scenario that ex-IBM cloud engineer Alex Feiszli and former colleague, now business partner, Dillon Carns encountered about a year ago when they decided to set up their own cloud network system. 

"The newest trends [in cloud computing] are about building more distributed applications. There are things like IoT, edge computing, and multi-hybrid cloud. All of these new patterns involve running applications in differently networked environments. But there's not really a solution, or a good solution, for controlling the networking across these different infrastructures," Feiszli told TechRadar.

"That's the gap we're aiming to solve: automating and integrating the networking between these different distributed environments."

Cloud computing, or networking, refers to the infrastructure delivering on-demand computing services over the internet. Starting off with the cloud as a secure storage space, its more recent use is a way to process and link different accounts and applications over a remote virtual network. 

"I think there's a bit of a skill gap in the industry where there's just not enough developers focused on networking. I don't think we see nearly as much innovation in the networking space as we do in other spaces, but it's really needed," said Feiszli. 

A lack of expertise able to keep up with new trends in cloud computing is one of the main issues affecting organizations, according to a recent survey conducted by US computer software company Flexera.  

Other limitations dragging down new developments in cloud networking are: 

Limited control over the cloud infrastructure hinders the correct management and implementation of procedures in line with organizations' goals; 
Difficulty in promoting security practices able to protect organizations from a diverse range of cyber threats;
Compliance with several local data regulations and laws;
Cost and issues of managing multiple clouds.  

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