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Security and Your PC

Security and Your PC

September 30, 2007

I.P. security cameras provide a lot of functionality at a fraction of the cost of old style security systems.

In the recent past you had to spend thousands of dollars to monitor your workplace or home. You would require a special VCR, several black and white cameras or you could spend even more for colour. You would then need a device to split the screen into sections so that your VCR could capture every camera. Well times have changed. Now it's easy to monitor your workplace or even your home.

IP cameras are cameras that are just another device that is added to your home or workplace network. IP cameras come in wired and wireless versions. Setup is just a matter of installing some software to monitor and setting up your camera. Some cameras allow you to pan left and right, zoom in and out, some even have night vision. IP cameras are also available for indoor and outdoor use.

Your software allows you to have up to 16 cameras viewable through your internet browser. Could you imagine being away on a business trip and being able to see your office or warehouse from anywhere in the world.

Some software will allow you to mark areas of view so that if something changes the software will automatically email you.

IP cameras are an inexpensive way to secure your workplace. For home use there are even IP cameras that come with LCD hand held screens. These are perfect for monitoring your children from another room in your home.

As far as price and functionality goes, I.P. cameras make it cheaper and better than ever.

About the Author
Evan Freedman is an author for The Computer Geek Custom Web Page Design and for, distributor of computers and accessories. Evan has been diagnosing and fixing computer for over 25 years. Please visit the site to view a huge assortment of Computer Technology.

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