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How Will People Find My Website

How Will People Find My Website

January 10, 2021
How Will People Find My Website
How Will People Find My Website

Once you've got your website fully finished and running smoothly, the first thing you're going to want to do is show people your website. Of course if you have a physical location for your business, you can tell customers about the site and put up banners. Or you can print new business cards with the website on them if that works for you. And if you have a presence on social media, be sure to add your website to your profiles on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. But after that, how do you get more people coming to your website?

There are a few things you can try. The first (maybe most obvious) thing is to try some paid advertisements online. These can be effective as they can lead people directly to your site, and if you target audiences with certain keywords, you can get your business right in the faces of the people who most need it.

Some of the other solutions are a bit less obvious and mostly deal with SEO or search engine optimization. SEO is the process of making the content on your website more relevant and compatible with search engines. This way, when people look up certain keywords, your website will pop in the top results. One great way to do this is through a blog if you don't already have one. Writing blog posts based on certain keywords or key phrases and hosting them on your site is a great way to get your site in search engine results. For example, if you run a music store, you could write articles based on phrases like "How to Tune a Guitar" or "Learning Piano".

A way to enhance the above strategy is to also post content on other websites, such as LinkedIn. LinkedIn is now one of the top content publishing sites, and posting content there is a great way to lead people to your website.

So do your research and try a few strategies. No one strategy is going to be a silver bullet, but if you try a few things and do them well, you'll have plenty of traffic in no time!

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