Why Multiple Companies Are Banning Zoom?

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Why Multiple Companies Are Banning Zoom?

Why Multiple Companies Are Banning Zoom?

April 19, 2020
Why Multiple Companies Are Banning Zoom
Why Multiple Companies Are Banning Zoom

COVID-19 has shut down business everywhere, forcing some to work from home. With that in mind, companies are looking for ways to connect with their employees. One of these ways, that is gaining popularity, is Zoom.

Zoom allows multiple people to chat in one video call, which sounds ideal for companies with numerous employees who need to meet regularly. But like anything online, there are some concerns, and it seems like Zoom has a few issues that still need to be worked out.

Some companies have reported security and privacy issues with the platform. One of the main issues with the platform is that both the Zoom admins and host of the call can access all recorded content. Probably the most troubling of all is that with every meeting, Zoom admins can track your computer's data, such as the operating system, IP address, location and device information of each participant.

Additionally, hackers are having an easier time getting a hold of passwords and installing malware into computer systems, allowing hackers to gain access to your recorded footage.

Even if you are using an iOS and macOS, you too can fall victim to this type of malware.

While there are many advantages to using Zoom for company meetings, like being user friendly and easy to set-up, companies should opt for more secure video platforms for their business meetings, especially if you are sharing valuable and vital information.

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