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What is the internet

September 15, 2022

It's a question often asked as a joke, 'what is the internet?' But what is the internet? And why are we so obsessed with and can't live without it? 

We all know the internet is where we look for information, watch videos, connect and reconnect with friends, do business, and much more. But the internet is much more than just cat videos and e-mails.

The internet is a network that connects computers everywhere together. Think of the internet as a highway. Computers are like cars, and the internet is the roads. 

So, who owns the internet? Nobody really owns the internet. The internet works using a series of computers, data centers, towers,  routers, servers, and satellites. While there are different internet providers, they all use and do the same thing.

Just how big is the internet? Without getting too technical, there are hundreds of miles of cables connecting countries, islands, and continents. These cables can carry information at the speed of light.

The web is how we see and view information on the internet. You've probably heard of the term world wide web, which you most commonly see as the www. in front of a website name. You can access the web by using a web browser. And the most commonly used web browser is Google Chrome. 

Other web browsers include Safari for iOS, Internet Explorer and more.

While the internet can be a reasonably safe place to watch videos and connect with others, there are some circumstances when people can use it for malicious intent. It's vital that we only visit trusted websites.

Most websites will have a picture of a lock beside the website name, and this symbol indicates the site you are on is safe. Another way to determine if your website is secure is by looking for https:// when using Google searches.

Using antivirus software is another way to be safe on the internet. These software programs will block anyone from trying to hack into your computer to steal your information. 

And finally, if you have young children and teens. Continuously monitor their internet usage, and remind them never to give out any personal information or meet up with anyone on the internet. You must teach and practice safe internet usage. Because they never know if the person they are talking with has good intentions.

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