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YouTube Videos and SEO

YouTube Videos and SEO

May 25, 2019
YouTube Videos and SEO
YouTube Videos and SEO

Since Google took over YouTube in 2006, creating and posting videos has been a game-changer for business owners looking to improve their search engine optimization and increase website traffic. Considered to be the largest video hosting platform on the web, YouTube allows company owners to build their brand and create a consistent footprint on the internet through regular video postings. Not only does YouTube give businesses an outlet to promote themselves, but it also provides company credibility and allows users to create back links.

Back links allow viewers to link back to an original source, which may be your company website or one of your social media platforms. This particular SEO technique can be used on YouTube in two different places: your YouTube channel and in your video descriptions. YouTube allows users to put links directly onto their channel, which can be used to redirect potential clients to your company website. Additionally, it is important to put back links in all of your video descriptions because it increases the chance that someone will see the link and click it.

Posting videos on a consistent basis can also be beneficial for search engine optimization. While consistency is a key factor in gaining a steady follower base, it can also help with your Google rankings. Google has a special section on its search engine for videos, and the majority of these videos come from YouTube. Using the right keywords in your video title and description can increase the likelihood that someone will come across your video. Ultimately, creating videos and utilizing YouTube is another way of getting your company name out there, gaining website traffic and improving your SEO.

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