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What Are Doorway Pages

What Are Doorway Pages

May 10, 2019
What Are Doorway Pages?
What Are Doorway Pages?

New business owners can attract customers and generate business by creating an online presence and ranking high on Google. One of the quickest and most effective ways of increasing your rankings is to create doorway pages that will lead potential customers back to your website. Also known as bridge, portal, or gateway pages, doorway pages are designed specifically for search engines to highlight key phrases that a person might try to search on Google. For instance, if a person searches "broken air conditioner" into Google, website owners can create doorway pages that contain this phrase and redirect users back to their site.

Here is another example of a doorway page created by the Computer Geek:

Go to Google and Search for "bluehost hacked". See how well it ranks over regular pages on our Computer Geek website.

Additionally, doorway pages are often created with simple html which means these pages will be indexed quicker and will likely rank higher on search engines.

While this technique can be an effective way to improve your search engine optimization, the Google algorithm can sometimes make it difficult for website owners to use doorway pages to their advantage. Google frowns upon multiple duplicates and may exclude your website from the search engine listings if you are not careful. This is why it is important to make doorway pages unique and to create them over a long period of time.

Ultimately, doorway pages are an effective way to generate traffic and attract potential customers if done right. For more information about doorway pages, contact the Computer Geek to learn more about how you can implement SEO techniques to improve your business.

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