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Did you receive an email from a "security tester and it consultant" or an "application penetration tester" who is claiming that you have a SQL injection vulnerability on your website?

They are also willing to tell you how to fix it, if you pay their ransom, bounty or donation fee.

Whatever they wish to call this, its blackmail by hackers, plain and simple.

Be very careful with these types of people as they are hackers. They have already illegally hacked your website and stole information from your database.

If you give them access to your website, it can spell disaster.

As evident from your recent hack, the problem is very real and your website is vulnerable. You must fix this issue immediately as you are wide open to hackers.

Contact us at the computer geek, we will show you have to deal with these blackmailers and secure your website so you can sleep better at night.

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