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Keep Your Computer Clean

October 21, 2007

Ever hear a strange noise coming from your computer. Maybe it sounds like a plane about to take off. That's the sound of a fan that needs to be cleaned. You may notice that your computer case has holes in the front and side. These holes allow air to pass through the case. Usually air is pulled from the front of the case over the hard drive past the motherboard and out the back of the case. Usually there are two fans that accomplish this. One fan is usually mounted on the back of the case and the other is in the power supply. There is also a fan that is located on top of the CPU's heatsink. The outer rim of the fans will eventually get a build up of dirt around them. This will cause the fan to wobble causing it to make noise or even stop.

The best way to clean your computer is with a can of compressed air. Simply take the cover off of the case and spray the inside with the compressed air. Spray the fans and make sure they spin easily. Check the heatsink and make sure you clean it well. If it is full of dust the system could start shutting down on its own or you will start to get blue screen errors. Make sure you clean the fan in the power supply. Don't worry about spraying air inside the main concern is to make sure that the fan does not stop because of dirt.

If you want you can also clean any add on cards contacts or even your memory contacts. All you need is a pencil eraser. Simply run the eraser across the card or memory sticks contacts. Make sure you clean off any loose piece of eraser left behind.

If you want to clean your keyboard try using a paint brush. You can use a little glass cleaner as well.

Finally a handy trick for cleaning the outside of your case is to use hand cleaner. You can find hand cleaner in most automotive stores.

About the Author
Evan Freedman is an author for The Computer Geek Custom Web Page Design and for, distributor of computers and accessories. Evan has been diagnosing and fixing computer for over 25 years. Please visit the site to view a huge assortment of Computer Technology.

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