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How Can I Embed Videos in Wordpress Posts

How Can I Embed Videos in Wordpress Posts

September 9, 2018

Adding videos to your WordPress website is an easy way to boost user engagement, improve search engine optimization, as well as give your target audience a visual representation of what you're talking about in your posts. While embedding videos to your WordPress posts is fairly simple, there are also further ways to customize your videos to better fit your website template.

The quickest way to embed videos to your WordPress posts is to simply copy and paste your video URL.

  • Step 1: Create a new post - Start off on your WordPress homepage and go to Posts -> Add New
  • Step 2: Copy your video URL - Whether you are working in YouTube or Vimeo, all you have to do is simply copy your URL link at the top of your browser and paste it into your WordPress post. Make sure that you are working in the Visual Editor mode and that you are starting on a new line of text before posting the URL.
  • Step 3: Publish and/or update your post - Once posting the URL into your post, the video should automatically pop up. Add a title and some text for your post. Your video should now be ready for publishing.

As a side note, posts from other social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, can be embedded in the same manner. Just simply copy the URL and paste it into your post.

If you would like more control over certain aspects of your video, you can copy and past the embed code of your video. On both YouTube and Vimeo, you can find the embed code by clicking Share -> Embed. Once you create a new post, open the Text Editor mode and paste the embed code onto a new line.

Your embed code should look something like this:
[embed width="123" height="456"] video URL [ /embed]

You can alter the embed code to change the maximum width and height of your video, as well as a few other visual aspects to better align the video with your post. Switch back into the Visual Editor mode to view how the embed video will look on your post, and publish when you are satisfied with how it looks.

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