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Zen Cart Site Hackers - a growing global problem!
Hackers attacking Zen Cart Sites is becoming a growing problem around the globe. Zen Cart sites fall victim because of vulnerabilities that allow hackers access. Once they have access, they may do some or all of the following things to your site:

  • Commit fraud and theft on others by turning your Zen Cart site into a "phishing" site.
  • Your site can be used to send spam emails to millions of others.
  • Jeopardize customer relationships by putting malware code on your Zen Cart site which then install harmful viruses on your customers computers.
  • Your webserver where your Zen Cart site resides can be used to hack into other servers.
  • and much more!
  • If your Zen Cart site already has a Virus or Malware? Don't panic - We can help!

Proven Protection!
At The Computer Geek, we have developed a proven set of solutions that will protect your Zen Cart site and make it as hacker resistant as possible.

  • Modify your htaccess file to put up "road blocks" for known hackers and hacker bots.
  • Install security patches that will mend several Zen Cart weaknesses.
  • Boost security to your Administrative area.
  • Root out and delete all vulnerable scripts in your Administrative area.
  • Boost security to ensure your hosting/ftp/admin passwords are secure.
  • Install script to not only lockout hackers & hacker bots, but also to trap them.
  • Install our Custom Site Lock Script - We have developed a custom script that allows you to lock / unlock all your website files from the Webssite Guardian Adminstrative Area. This script locks your files so that hackers cannot access and change them. The Computer Geek is the only company that offers this lock down feature.
    [Note: Not available on all server platforms.]

Contact The Computer Geeks to talk about what we can do to protect and secure your Zen Cart Site. We would be happy to present an estimate free of charge.

Whatever your Zen Cart needs are, they will be met with efficient, quality, and friendly service!

What is Zen Cart?
Zen Cart is a Open Source online shop e-commerce solution that is powered by php and HTML components with a MySQL database. Zen Cart started out as osCommerce and branched out on it own in 2003.

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