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Hackers are Targeting osCommerce Stores!!
osCommerce stores are under attack from hackers around the world. They look to exploit known weakness's in osCommerce and do any of the following:

  • Turn your site into a phishing site and commit fraud / theft on others.
  • Send spam emails out to millions.
  • Place malware code on your site which will install harmful viruses on your customers computers.
  • Use your webserver to hack into other servers.
  • and more
  • Does your store already have a Virus or Malware? We can fix it.
  • Notice: USPS Retiring Current API System - May 2011
  • Are you getting an error on your home page?? - Parse error: syntax error, unexpected <..etc - Recent hackers have been putting malware on osCommerce sites that cause this error. Be Aware, if you see this error, you may have a malware virus.

Sound Scary?? It is but we can help.
We offer a tried and true set of solutions that will protect your site and make it as hacker proof as possible.

  • Modifications to your htaccess file to deny known hackers and hacker bots.
  • Add a set of security patches that will close several osCommerce weaknesses.
  • Make sure your osCommerce admin has the best security.
  • Remove several vulnerable scripts in the admin area.
  • Add a site monitor script to keep track of changes to your store.
  • Make sure your hosting/ftp/admin passwords are secure.
  • Add a script to trap and lockout hackers / hacker bots
  • Implement Custom Site Lock Script - We wrote a custom script that allows you to lock / unlock all your website files from osCommerce Admin Center. While your files are locked, hackers cannot change them. We are the only company that has this lock down feature.

Contact The Computer Geeks to talk about your project. After gathering your requirements, we'll prepare an estimate free of charge.

Whatever your osCommerce needs are, they will be met with efficient, quality, and friendly service!

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