MySQL Master

What is MySQL?
MySQL is an open sourced database system that is an off shoot of SQL. MySQL is used for queries that ADD, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE rows of information in the database.

MySQL's main use is in website applications and is commonly found on UNIX and Linux Web servers. The Webpage calls database queries through MySQL that creates a dynamic html page using the queried information. This would then be called a Dynamic or Database Driven Webpage.

The common language that is used hand in hand with MySQL is PHP. PHP is used to submit the commands to MySQL to manipulate the data in the database.

Because PHP and MySQL are open source they have become very popular over the last few years and are being used on numerous online applications.

Who is the MySQL Master?
The MySQL MASTER is an expert in both PHP and MYSQL. He has been developing Web applications since 2000.

The MySQL Master has created and designed numerous Complex Database Online Solutions for many companies.

The MySQL Master specializes in difficult Custom Web Projects. We are Masters in the use of PHP and MySQL for your database needs. Some of our project types include:

  • Database Searches.
  • Member's Area Register & Login.
  • Custom Shopping Carts.
  • Forums.
  • Database Product Catalogs.
  • and more.

Contact the MySQL Master to talk about your project. After gathering your requirements, we'll prepare a proposal and/or estimate free of charge.

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