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Inexpensive add-ons for your Computer

Inexpensive add-ons for your Computer

August 27, 2007
Are you using your computer for email and word processing and that's about it or looking for an inexpensive gift for someone who has a computer? Why not add some extra features to a PC.
 Did you know you could watch TV on your PC or Notebook? A TV tuner card can be installed in your PC or plugged into your USB port. This will allow you to connect your cable or satellite to your PC and watch TV. Usually these units come with remote. So why not turn your study or bedroom into your entertainment center. You can watch TV on your monitor change the channel even shrink your TV screen and place it in the corner of your monitor so you can do your work and still watch your favorite shows. If you spend a little more you can even add surround sound speakers to your PC making your room into a thundering sound and video experience. The TV tuner card will also allow you to record your favorite show for future viewing. If you have a CD or DVD burner you can also create a disk that can be viewed on any TV connected to a DVD player.
 Does your cell phone have Bluetooth? A lot of people think that Bluetooth refers to an earpiece for your cell phone. Bluetooth is a method of transferring data in a short distance between devices. You can add Bluetooth to your PC thorough either a PCI card or simply by plugging in a USB Bluetooth key. If you have a cell phone or PDA with Bluetooth you can transfer pictures, video, music and sync your device to your PC. No more having to type all of your contacts using a cell phones key pad. Another great Bluetooth device is a set of wireless headphones. With Bluetooth headphones you can sit anywhere and listen to music playing off of your PC. You can also get Bluetooth headphones with a microphone. This will allow you to talk to someone via MSN or Skype without having to sit in front of your computer.
 These days most of us are using digital cameras or storing music on MP3 players. Most of these devices use add on memory cards. There are many different types. SD, CF, MS, XD just to name a few. With the addition of a multi card reader you can transfer pictures and data between your computer and any of these cards. It's as simple as plugging the reader into a USB port. Then slide any card into the reader and presto you have access to anything on the card. No fumbling with cameras or cables.

About the Author
Evan Freedman is an author for The Computer Geek Custom Web Page Design and for, distributor of computers and accessories. Evan has been diagnosing and fixing computer for over 25 years. Please visit the site to view a huge assortment of Computer Technology.

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